Walking The Wire Review: My shoes get a shout-out

You know your shoes are fabulous when they get their very own mention in the review.

“…her shiny red shoes were to die for. I’ll remember those for a while.” So says Angie Toomsen at the Iowa Theatre Blog. She also says some nice things about the show in general and my piece in particular. Not to brag or nothin’, but here’s a little something to make my mother proud:

“To those unfamiliar with her work, Gogerty’s comedic writing is brilliant and her energy on stage is larger than life. And she is an explosion of hilarity.”

Isn’t that sweet? Although, if in my explosion I got a little hilarity on your face or clothes, a thousand apologies.


About megangog

Playwright. Monologuist. Songwriter. Delightful Person.
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