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WordBRIDGE student artist company are geniuses

Just watch this hugely brilliant and Lost-esque video the student company put together to explain WordBRIDGE Playwrights Lab to the outside world: Advertisements

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You just gotta know about these lady playwrights

We just put the finishing touches on this year’s WordBRIDGE Playwrights’ Laboratory, which is where a bunch of super-smart theatre folk gather together for two weeks with a handful of college-age and grad-student playwrights and investigate their new work like … Continue reading

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Synchronicity Theatre FTW!

Good news, Red State friends! Synchronicity Theatre in Atlanta just announced their 2011-12 season, and lil’ ole me* is on it. Feet First In The Water With A Baby In My Teeth will be produced as part of a joint … Continue reading

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Video excerpt from my new show

Look what I did! I did a lil’ video snippet from my new play, uncontroversially titled FEET FIRST IN THE WATER WITH A BABY IN MY TEETH. This is from when I performed at Riverside Theatre in March in their … Continue reading

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How To Title A Play, or I Want To Gouge My Eyes Out Right Now

This is just a friendly announcement that after much hand-wringing and soul-searching and other Painful Sounding Things, I’ve changed the title of my new play from the pithier if less appropriate FLIGHT OF THE TURKEY to much longer and weirder … Continue reading

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