How To Title A Play, or I Want To Gouge My Eyes Out Right Now

This is just a friendly announcement that after much hand-wringing and soul-searching and other Painful Sounding Things, I’ve changed the title of my new play from the pithier if less appropriate FLIGHT OF THE TURKEY to much longer and weirder FEET FIRST IN THE WATER WITH A BABY IN MY TEETH.

For reals. I’m calling it that.

See? I even changed it on the website.

I have been told this new title is “terrible,” “really bad,” “too long,” and “could be shorter.”

My reply is, I am an artist and must follow my muse. Also, the posters have already been sent to the printer. So we must all cope the best we can.

Also, AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY is, in my humble opinion, a terrible title. And that play did okay. (Dear Tracy Letts: I’m sorry I called your title “terrible.” That was uncalled for and mean.  And anyway, you shouldn’t be too upset. Have you seen some of my titles? Like I have room to talk. Love, Megan.)

In the midst of all this painful title-changing, my director and longtime collaborator Alexis Chamow says to me in her most comforting voice, “I don’t see what you’re worried about. I love you, but none of your titles are very good.” She’s like Florence Nightengale.

I may change it again. But not until after it premieres at Riverside Theatre in September.

Isn’t coming up with titles fun? It is!


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