Video excerpt from my new show

Look what I did! I did a lil’ video snippet from my new play, uncontroversially titled FEET FIRST IN THE WATER WITH A BABY IN MY TEETH.

This is from when I performed at Riverside Theatre in March in their festival of short monologues, Walking The Wire. The shoes might be the best thing about this video. Why am I not wearing those shoes right now? I should be always wearing those shoes.


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Playwright. Monologuist. Songwriter. Delightful Person.
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2 Responses to Video excerpt from my new show

  1. Kim Little says:

    Professor Megan! I had a religious experience yesterday in near-Omaha. I believed I made eye contact with Jenny Lewis. She’s both a Greek siren and Gen X’s Jenny Gump, only she actually became a rock star. She has what my generation might refer to as some serious “swag” and just before she tempted all the males in the audience towards the cliff’s edge, she gave us all a haunting guilt trip: . After some of the weaker-willed males landed on the rocks near the beverage tents, a larger portion of the audience joined in a traditional Rastafarian prayer as the sound techs prepared for the 2+ hour Bright Eyes set. During the prayer, I felt inspired and for whatever reason and recalled your challenge to define “art.” I also decided to look you up at some point on the Sabbath. When I did so, I was excited to see a very recently posted video of a monologue which made me giggle like I was real kid again. Then I thanked Jah I met before you got really famous. It’s an asset I may have to cash in on when biographers want to learn about your pre-fame pedagogy.

  2. megangog says:

    Kim, I dub your comment Awesome x 1,000. Praise Jah.

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