You just gotta know about these lady playwrights

We just put the finishing touches on this year’s WordBRIDGE Playwrights’ Laboratory, which is where a bunch of super-smart theatre folk gather together for two weeks with a handful of college-age and grad-student playwrights and investigate their new work like it’s an amusement park fun house, which it totally is. (Diagram that sentence!)

The four writers we worked with this year were amazing and cutting-edge, and the coincidence that all four just happened to be ladies was kind of a bonus for me. Ladies forever! And and when they all rocket to success in the coming years, I want to be able to say I totally saw it coming. And now you can, too.

Check out their websites:

Krista Knight:
Caroline V. McGraw:
Sarah Saltwick:
Katharine Sherman (get a website, Kat!):

Yay WordBRIDGE and theatre and new plays and ladies!


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