Look how pretty! My new website

So every couple of years or so, I get the urge to redesign my website.

(That’s a lie. Actually, every couple of years or so I reach the end of my website knowledge tether and have to redesign or else never update my website again. Let’s not examine this too closely, it’s too depressing.)

So feast your eyes on the tummy-tucked and eye-lifted version of MeganGogerty.com.

Handy new features: You can buy my albums directly off Amazon (they’re still available via CDBaby and iTunes, as usual), and I’ve included a PayPal “Donate” button in case it’s four AM and you decide you have too much money and need to give it to someone.

Ch-check it out now!


About megangog

Playwright. Monologuist. Songwriter. Delightful Person.
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