Hillary Clinton Got Me Pregnant has a cover


 You remember my solo show, Hillary Clinton Got Me Pregnant? You know, the one about Hillary Clinton getting me pregnant?

Yeah. It’s being released as an eBook. So you can read it on your Kindle or your iPad or your Whackadoo 9000.

This is the cover. I think it conveys the important information. The second font for the words “got me” says Comedy! Or perhaps, Whimsy! And that tiny American flag? Patriotism! Ironic? It’s So Tiny!

And the blue-fading-into-white background suggests clear blue skies (read: Optimism!) and clean things (Uncomplicated, Yet Literary!).

And the red text? Vixen. Slutty, Degenerate Vixen.

The eBook’s not out yet; I’ll holler when it drops.


About megangog

Playwright. Monologuist. Songwriter. Delightful Person.
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