I will read your play for money

I’m trying a new thing. Lately I’ve been getting approached by folks who want to study with playwriting with me independently. I can’t seem to make that kind of intense mentoring situation work with my regular life, but sometimes people ask me to read their play and give them feedback, and that seems like something I should be able to make happen, right? Especially if they give me money?

So on my website you’ll find a new section called Consult, which is where I offer to read your play for money. And I’ve gone ahead and set my prices so that we won’t have to have an embarrassing conversation about it later.

We’ll give this a try and see how it works.

And if it’s never occurred to you to give me money to read your play because you don’t have a play because you’re not actually a playwright but rather a person living their life to the fullest doing other things, then God be with you and keep on walking.

But if you’re a student of playwriting, and you want me to read your play, I will do it. For money.

Yay, money!


About megangog

Playwright. Monologuist. Songwriter. Delightful Person.
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