Animals simulating fornication for comic effect

Many of you might be tired of me flogging the eBook version of Hillary Clinton Got Me Pregnant (on sale now! $2.99! What a deal!).

So I will take a break from promoting that project and promote this one instead!

Bad Panda, after years of almost and maybe and we’re going to cancel this show and do Steel Magnolias instead (true story!) is finally – finally! – getting its world premiere this October in Baltimore, produced by Iron Crow Theatre Company.

You guys, I am so stoked. This postcard makes the play look both cute and creepy, which it kind of is.

To refresh your memory, this is the play about the last two pandas on earth, and the boy panda falls in love with a neighboring crocodile, who is also a boy, and then the girl panda spontaneously has a baby. Lots of sex in various configurations. And also jokes! And babies! What’s not to like?*

Hope to see you there!


* Answer: Gays. If you don’t like gays, you’re probably going to be a lil’ uncomfy at this play. But you should come anyway, because it’s about time you get over that “uncomfortable around gays” nonsense. Do you see how it’s starting to affect your social life? Now you can’t even go to cool plays anymore! Shake that off, girlfriend!


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