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Housebroken opens at Riverside on Friday. Join me?

If you’re in the Iowa City area, I want to invite you to see my new solo show, Housebroken, at Riverside Theatre. If you’re not in the area, I’ll still invite you so as not to appear rude. Housebroken is … Continue reading

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The difference between standup comedy and a comic monologue

I’m a monologuist. I’m also a standup comedian. Sometimes when I’m fretting about my standup, my theatre friends will cheerfully suggest I just retrofit one of my comic monologues into my standup act. After all, my monologues are hilarious! But … Continue reading

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Why you should just read my play SUPER HOT RAVEN already

It’s short. It’s two ten-minute plays. It’s not like you’re committing to marriage, here. I tell you what: just skim it. If it doesn’t hook you, then go with the Lord and be forgiven. It’s funny. Look at the day … Continue reading

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Random things I learned from other playwrights

The Alliance Theatre in Atlanta runs a program called the Kendeda Graduate Playwriting Competition, open to playwrights in their first year out of their MFA programs. This weekend, they invited all the past Kendeda finalists – 50 so far in … Continue reading

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Theories about music onstage

We like people who sing well. So if a character sings on stage, the audience is almost predisposed to like that character, or at least give her the benefit of the doubt. I think we like characters who sing well … Continue reading

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Things That Are Holding Me Back Today

As a playwright, I’m confident I should have a career equivalent to Sarah Ruhl plus Tony Kushner divided by Tennessee Williams, if it weren’t for the following: My kids. Obviously. First on the list. No brainer. My job. They don’t … Continue reading

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How to cut out soda in one easy step

1. Stop drinking soda. …You’re welcome, Earth.

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