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Theories about music onstage

We like people who sing well. So if a character sings on stage, the audience is almost predisposed to like that character, or at least give her the benefit of the doubt. I think we like characters who sing well … Continue reading

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Things That Are Holding Me Back Today

As a playwright, I’m confident I should have a career equivalent to Sarah Ruhl plus Tony Kushner divided by Tennessee Williams, if it weren’t for the following: My kids. Obviously. First on the list. No brainer. My job. They don’t … Continue reading

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Just Another Get-Art-Quick Scheme

So we’ve separated out our quest for making great art from our grubbing for money. Good for us. We’re left with the pursuit of making theatre that adheres to the highest aesthetic standards of which we’re capable. Great. How do … Continue reading

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Notes on The Great Release

Well! How was your weekend? I’m stunned and tickled at the reaction I’ve gotten from my last blog post, The Great Release. (Sometimes I forget this whole Internet-thingy is really public, and not just me and my four friends.) Your … Continue reading

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The Great Release

  There is a way of being a Professional Playwright (TM) that I have been taught. It goes like this: Write a play, submit it to various institutions (theatres, festivals, development labs, etc.), and wait for someone to read it … Continue reading

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Back from vacation

…What’s that? You didn’t notice I was gone? I’ll try not to take it personally.

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How To Title A Play, or I Want To Gouge My Eyes Out Right Now

This is just a friendly announcement that after much hand-wringing and soul-searching and other Painful Sounding Things, I’ve changed the title of my new play from the pithier if less appropriate FLIGHT OF THE TURKEY to much longer and weirder … Continue reading

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